Vintage With A History

    Yesterday I showed you my old Malt Machine and I had several questions about it. 

    If you are as old as I am and lived in a small town you might remember that there were usually Soda Fountains in almost every drug store.  I don't know the exact year, but around 1945-46-47 my parents owned the Soda Fountain in a drug store in a small town in Texas called White Settlement.  If you are familiar with the Ft. Worth area, it is just west a ways. My mom ran the Soda Fountain and my dad worked at the Bomber Plant (Convair) making planes for the war.  I remember the long counter with the shiny stools that twirled round and round.
      Town was 1 block long and there was a grocery store called Hill & Macks, a post office, drug store and the school was across the street.
    My sister and I use to walk across the street after school and do our homework in one of the 3 booths.  I was in the 1st grade and I thought it was so cool.  All of the kids use to come in with their nickel and get a coke.

     I did some research online and found out that the Hamilton Beach Number Thirty was made in 1940.  The Soda Fountain had 2 of these.  When they sold it, my mom kept this one, two of the original malt glasses and one of the straw holders.

     I love the dents in the top and the black wood knob.

     I drank a gazillion shakes out of these glasses and so did my children, grandchildren and now my great-grandson.

     Fun memories of my childhood from a time when life was so simple. 

    Thanks for joining me down memory lane.  Don't forget to get your posts ready for Table Top Tuesday, I will have Mr. Linky up this evening.

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Vintage With A History

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