Easy Sparkly Clean Mirrors & Windows

    Now I love clean windows and mirrors, but I don't like to work at it.  Living in the desert we have dust storms, monsoons and usually tons of windows in our homes.  This can be good if they're clean, but if they're dirty it can drive you nuts.
    My living room not only has huge windows, but a huge mirror.

    This little puppy is a little over 4 x 8 ft.

    Another huge window in the DR, and see that super large sliding glass door in the back.

    The familyroom/breakfast area is almost all windows.  Plus I have another mirror here that measures 31/2ft.

    Then there's the huge mirror over our vanity in the Mstr. Bath.  How about those clear glass shower enclosures too.  They can really be the pits.

    Now all these mirrors and windows do seem to expand the space in a small house, but they can be a huge chore to clean. 

    Well, I finally have two super weapons that make it a breeze.  This is a microfiber cloth that feels a little like jersey, however it is really silky smooth on one side and a tiny bit nubby on the other.  You can buy them at most grocery stores and also at the 99c store, however the ones at the 99c store are smaller.  These are miracle clothes.  You use the nubby side to wash the surface with and then turn it over to the silky side and polish.  Fast and easy and the secret is to not over rub on either side.  Just a couple of swishes on each and you are done and everything sparkles.

    This is my second weapon.  Yep, it's the stuff you put in your car to spray off your windshield with if it gets dirty.  There's something in this stuff that cuts through all kinds of film and dirt and makes cleaning a snap.

    I just keep several of these clothes on hand and a spray bottle filled with the washer fluid and I can have everything sparkly clean and shining in no time and without working myself to death.

    I've tried all kinds of things, vinegar, amonia, newspaper, soft clothes and every window product know to man and for me this is the easiest and quickest thing there is.

    If you are trying to keep those foggy mirrors shiny and all those windows sparkling, you might give it a try and see what you think.  Let me know.

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Easy Sparkly Clean Mirrors & Windows

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