Big Bang for $2 Bucks

    If you've been following along for the last few days, then you know that I have been reading all of my decorating books and trying the pay close attention to all the details. 

     Well, all of a sudden the light bulb went off again, and I saw something else that makes a huge difference.  Seems it's the little details that totally finish a room or a vignette.  When I found my rooster lamp, I also found this shade at Ross.  Works perfect, but it is just a shade.

    I see so many wonderfully trimmed shades, or they use tassels on the sides of the lamps or the shades.  Now I always buy tassels at Ross when I see one in a color that might work in my house.  They are usually around $2, and I use them everywhere, except on the lampshades.  Doesn't this make a huge difference on a plain shade.  I love the look.

     All I did was loop it around the frame of the lampshade, and it just hangs there perfectly.

    I tiny detail, but it does make a difference.

    Do you really study the details?  I know most of you do because your rooms always look so beautiful.  Now I am off the look at more details.  I will show you the vignette on this table for TTT.  It is my 3rd in the series of Designer Kopy Kat.

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Big Bang for $2 Bucks

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