Pennsylvania Dutch Carved Rooster

    Are you like me and anything on top of the cabinets just seem to stay there forever.  Today while I was cleaning, it suddenly dawned on me that I really wanted to bring my Pennsylvania Dutch Wood carved rooster down and enjoy him.  He is a very special treasure.  I had a precious friend that lived in Fredericksburg, Texas and on one of my trips to visit, I found this in an Antique store there in l979.  I absolutely love this piece, so down it came and a few other things took it's place.

     This is where it's been since we moved in.

     I moved a few things around and then added the spotted rooster and hen, along with the scale and cloche.

     Now I can enjoy him up close and personal.

     Isn't he spectacular.

    The patina on the wood is so pretty.  What a nice change. 

    How often do you change the things on top of your cabinets?

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Pennsylvania Dutch Carved Rooster

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