Inspiration and Eye Candy with Drool Power too

    Don't you love to get inspired by everyone's creativity in blogland?  Every week for Table Top Tuesday, there are so many wonderful creations, eye candy and drool power.  I thought I would show you a few from the past that would be perfect for fall and the Thanksgiving Holiday coming up.

    Claire @ Bless My Nest created such a lovely centerpiece with simple pumpkins and candlesticks.  Stunning.

    Chari @ Happy To Design design such a lovely and inviting display on her gorgeous buffet. Beautiful.

    Don't you just love the use of an old baking soda can and some old books in this wonderful vignette by Dandelion and Daisy.  Perfect eye candy.

    Look at this clever use of a picnic basket in this beautiful buffet by Debra @ Common Ground.  So pretty and creative.

    Debra also created this wonderful vignette.  Love, love, love it.

    I love baskets, and look at this beauty created by Susie @ Step Inside My Home

    Vanessa @ Southern In My Heart created this fabulous centerpiece for her dining table.  Sooooo Beautiful.

    Anita @ Far Above Rubies uses her stunning silver with her fall display.  Exquisite.

    This is just a small fraction of the beauty and creativity that all of the creative bloggers share each week.  We have had approx. 80 participants each week.  So if you are looking for inspiration, eye candy or some ideas that you can borrow, be sure to check all of the participants out.

    Mr. Linky will be up tomorrow by 5PM Eastern time.  I hope you will join the party and visit every one of the participants.  See you then.

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Inspiration and Eye Candy with Drool Power too

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Junkin Finds - I Did Good

    While running errands yesterday, I had to stop by Goodwill.  Thursdays are $1 days.  Certain colored tags are only $1.  I think I made out like a bandit.

    I am always hunting for more books, and all of these were only $1 each.

    I love pretty and unusual baskets, and the color and size of this one was super.  It was also $1.

    Nice size and deep too.  Love it.

    I love old wicker suitcases, and this was such a different piece, that I had to have it.  For $2.99 it came home with me.

    Isn't it a pretty shape.  Love the wood trim and the black and natural finish together. This will be perfect to sit by my chair and hold some of my favorite design books and magazines.

    I always love bags of faux fruit.  This bag has a tone of stuff.  A real bargain at $1.

    I loved the miniatures that were inside.

    More miniatures and even some walnuts.

    I havn't had any berries before, so these will be fabulous to use.

    These strawberries almost look real.

    Full size oranges, figs and even a tomato. 

    Lemons and plums.

    And bananas too.

    Everything got a good bath in warm soapy water and now I am ready to play.

    Fun day and I think I found some great treats. 

    I am linking with Linda @ A La Carte for Junkin Finds.  Be sure to visit and see all the wonderful treasures everyone has discovered. 

    Thanks so much for stopping by, I always appreciate your visits. 

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Junkin Finds - I Did Good

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Starting a Winter Look for the Living Room

    This has been the look in the Living Room for a while.  Then I found some fabulous new fabrics that I showed you and I thought they would be wonderful to give the room a warm  cozy winter look.

    This brown embroidered fabric is just yummy, and the texture of the green is so elegant.  Love them both.

    This is the combination I made for the other side of the sofa. 

    Love the new warm and cozy looking fabrics.

    I am busy changing up the rest of the room.

    Kim @ Savvy Southern Style is going to be the new hostess for the Before and After party.  She is going to have her first party next Wednesday.  Be sure to grab her button on my sidebar and join her with all of your new creations and changes.

    Check back for Table Top Tuesday and her Before and After party next week for the total reveal.    Hopefully I will have it done by then.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, I always look forward to your visits.

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Starting a Winter Look for the Living Room

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Small Changes to the Cabinet Top Displays

    I don't change the tops of my cabinets around very much, mainly because I have a lot of big items up there and I don't have anywhere else to put them.  I did make a tiny change this week when I got up there and
    cleaned.  Sorry for the poor picture quality.  Either the huge track lights (which I hate) or making a glare or I have to use the flash and it makes a glare too. This is what the cabinets have looked for a while.

    And this is the after.  I moved the picture and replaced it with a couple of old crocks and some more tin cans.

    I love old crocks, and tins and use to have a really large collection.  I still have a few that are fun to decorate with.

    I've had this old crock and the whiskey jug for years. 

    I like to stack tin cans and the colors of these two work well against the dark walls.

    Change is always good, and this gives me a few different things to look at.

    The rooster tole tray had been hanging on the wall above the pantry door.  Then I took it down and used it in part of the counter display.  (You can see it in the pic below.)  That left the wall blank and of course I couldn't have that.

    I love having it on the counter for a change.  I think it shows up more.  Love the colors.

    Gotta' have something to go above the door.  The needlepoint had been there before, so I just put it back.  I think it shows up better there than the tray did anyway.

    That's it.  Not very much, but it's still fun to play. 

    Thanks so much for your visits, I always look forward to you stopping by.

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Small Changes to the Cabinet Top Displays

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36th Table Top Tuesday - Kitchen Counter

    Welcome to the 36th Table Top Tuesday.  I am so enjoying all of the wonderful vignettes everyone is creating inside and outside their homes.  You guys are always such a wonderful inspiration.  Thanks so much for sharing all of your lovely creations.

    I've changed things twice.  I know, I am nuts!!!!

    When you find  new treasures, of course you just have to play don't you!!! I redid the island vignette so I could use my new frenchy rooster tin that I found at Tuesday Morning.
    I thought it would be a huge upgrade from the basket for my faux fruit.  I placed a black napkin inside and left the edges show a bit. I also added the cute little lime colored rooster to the mix. Fun, bright and cheery.

    Of course I had to play with the new rooster candlestick I found too, so I rearranged a few things in the corner vignette so it would work.  I put the lime ball on top.

    Of course I wipe down and clean the kitchen everyday, but once a week when I do my major cleaning, everything gets moved and all the counters and accessories get a thorough cleaning.  I decided to do a major change in the corner arrangement and make it a little simplier.

    I took the rooster tray off the wall and moved the new rooster tin over to the corner.  I removed quite a few things from the previous vignette and this looks a lot less cluttered to me.

    Love the detail and the colors on this wonderful tole tray.

    Several things stayed including the rooster candlestick with my lime ball and the demijohn.

    The frenchy rooster tin is sitting on a black and white check tea towel that I had.

    My little speckled rooster, wheat bundle and chef remained.

    Nice to see the rooster tray down close for a change.

    Moving things around meant a small change on the island too. lol  The scales and a pumpkin replaced the tin of fruit.
    I always think I am going to minimize all the accessories and have something simple, then when I looked at this, it isn't very minimal.  Guess I havn't learned that trick yet.  lol  When I clean again next week, who knows what I will change. lol

    Thanks so much for stopping by.  I always look forward to your visits.  I can't wait to see what you've been up to this week.

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36th Table Top Tuesday - Kitchen Counter

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