Small Changes to the Cabinet Top Displays

    I don't change the tops of my cabinets around very much, mainly because I have a lot of big items up there and I don't have anywhere else to put them.  I did make a tiny change this week when I got up there and
    cleaned.  Sorry for the poor picture quality.  Either the huge track lights (which I hate) or making a glare or I have to use the flash and it makes a glare too. This is what the cabinets have looked for a while.

    And this is the after.  I moved the picture and replaced it with a couple of old crocks and some more tin cans.

    I love old crocks, and tins and use to have a really large collection.  I still have a few that are fun to decorate with.

    I've had this old crock and the whiskey jug for years. 

    I like to stack tin cans and the colors of these two work well against the dark walls.

    Change is always good, and this gives me a few different things to look at.

    The rooster tole tray had been hanging on the wall above the pantry door.  Then I took it down and used it in part of the counter display.  (You can see it in the pic below.)  That left the wall blank and of course I couldn't have that.

    I love having it on the counter for a change.  I think it shows up more.  Love the colors.

    Gotta' have something to go above the door.  The needlepoint had been there before, so I just put it back.  I think it shows up better there than the tray did anyway.

    That's it.  Not very much, but it's still fun to play. 

    Thanks so much for your visits, I always look forward to you stopping by.

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Small Changes to the Cabinet Top Displays

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