Where I Put It All - The Good,Bad & Ugly

    Everyone is always asking me where I keep it all in a small home.  As you have all seen I still havn't learned the art of restraint or minimalism.  I have every surface filled with something, so really most all of my things are in constant use or display somewhere.  I just switch out the vignettes and accessories from one room to another.  However, it is necessary for a little storage.  So here is the unvarnished truth.

    I managed to sneak two shelves for me out of a metal shelving unit in the garage.  My hope is to eventually move all the DH's things and have the whole shelf.  Wouldn't that be neat!!! This shelf holds those lanterns and candlesticks and some larger things that aren't currently in use.

    This one holds planters, figurines and odds and ends.

    The box and basket hold a bunch of smaller figurines.

    I just cover the shelves since they are in the garage with some old tee shirts to keep as much dust as possible off everything.  Not very pretty, but it works.

    Now for all those dishes I use for tablescapes.  Well, this holds them all.  As you can see, it is full and there isn't room for anymore.  I mostly buy salad plates so I can mix and match with other plates and of course the famous Big Lots white set of dishes.

     This is where I have all of my chargers.  I use tissue paper inbetween them to keep them from getting scratched.

    One of the drawers in the Entertainment Center holds some napkins and all those many napkin rings.

    The larger center drawer of the Entertainment Center holds the most napkins.

    The buffet holds some tableclothes on one side.

    And a lot of placemats and more tableclothes on the other side.  I also have one shelf in the linen closet where I keep the larger tableclothes and table runners.

    I have a small cabinet in the laundry room that works really hard to hold a lot of my "stuff". The top is full of olds irons and other display things, and the first shelf holds all the candles and tealight holders.

    The middle shelf houses a basket with all those tubes of glue and odd things.  Behind the iron is my hot glue gun and staple gun.  Just some of those necessary things, but handy to get to.

    The bottom shelf holds my sewing machine and sewing caddy and on the side I have room for a cloche not in use and some more hurricanes and candlesticks.

    There are two bottom drawers.  One holds shells, rocks and all kinds of filler things for vases.  The other one holds all those many spools of ribbon.  I also have two tubs of faux flowers and greenery.  That's it.

    I've learned that you don't have to have a lot of dishes to do a lot of different tablescapes.  Things look really different just with the use of different placemats and napkins.  The same dishes will look totally different with just changing those two things.  Add in a different floral arrangement and a whole new table.
    The same goes for all of the vignettes throughout the rest of the house.  I use the same things over and over, just with different pieces put together and displayed in a different area or table. Take what you have and use it in a different way and you can change your vignettes as often as often as you like.  It's always fun to play. So now you have seen all my little dirty secrets and hiding places.

    Thanks for stopping by, I always appreciate your visits.  Now you know where all that "stuff" is hiding. lol

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Where I Put It All - The Good,Bad & Ugly

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