Dark Paste Wax-Questions Answered

    I was asked so many questions about the dark paste wax I used on my kitchen cabinets. that I thought I would give you a little tutorial.   This is what I used.  I bought mine locally, but if you go to http://www.woodcraft.com/ you will find it in many different colors.  The one I used was a very dark brown, kind of a dark walnut shade. 

    All I did was make sure my cabinets were really clean and didn't have any dirt or cooking grease on them.  I did not sand them and please don't sand.  This is not a refinishing tool, just a wax.

    Very important.  My cabinets are maple and don't show a lot of grain, however it is mandatory that you wipe the wax on with the grain of the wood.  I tested out the inside of a door first to make sure that I would like it.  Just wipe it on with a soft rag, let it sit just for a short time and then buff it off with a soft rag.  I just used old tee shirts.  It does take a bit of buffing to get the shine, however it is amazing  how it does darken the wood and really brings the wood to life.  It made a huge difference in mine. 

    I have also used it on different pieces of furniture to cover minor scratches and give the wood a new glow. 

    If you have oak or some kind of wood with a lot of grain, you will definitely see more of the grain after the waxing.  That is why I say to do the inside of the door first and make sure you like the result. 

    That's about all there is to it.  I really like the product, just test it and make sure you like it.  It has definitely held up.  I havn't repeated the process in the last 4 years and my cabinets still look wonderful.  So if you can't totally refinish or paint, this may be the answer.

    This is a picture that you saw in my post yesterday of my cabinets before.  Mapel with a very light stain and very little shine or character.

    This is what they look like after.

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Dark Paste Wax-Questions Answered

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