Starving Artists Paintings

    I'm sure you have all gathered that I love paintings and original oil paintings are by far my passion and love.  However, they can be really expensive and that doesn't really fit my budget.   Our previous home was much larger and had extremely tall vaulted ceilings, so HUGE art was necessary.  I found a place that had these Starving Artists Sales quite often and always made sure to visit each sale.  I found some of the most wonderful things at the most reasonable prices and with fabulous frames.

    This one hangs in our dining area now, it is huge it measures 3ft. x 4 ft.  The colors and the detail in the painting are stunning.  I think most of these this size were around $100 frame and all.

    I couldn't capture all the brush strokes of the oil in the picture, but the detail is exquisite.

    I purchased 2 still-life paintings for our previous dining room.  Again the detail on each of them is outstanding.

    These now hang on either side of my china cabinet.

    Love this precious little girl.  She is so pretty and the colors are so lovely.  The details of her face are so realestic.  She's hanging in the hall.

    The light shining through the canyon in this painting is beautiful.  I had this one hanging in my DH office previously, it is now in our bedroom because that's the only room where I have a wall big enough for it.

    This Hunt Scene is so detailed.  You feel like you can see the horses muscles rippling as they ride.  This was in the Den of the previous house and now is in the guestroom.

    So, if you see one of the Starving Artist Sales being advertised, go take a look.  You will find some fabulous art and at the most reasonable prices. 

    Hope you all are having a super weekend.

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Starving Artists Paintings

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