Does Your Hubby Bring You Strange Gifts

    My Hubby came in all excited and announced "I brought you a treasure".  Then he layed this down in front of me.  My question was "What is it?"  "It's a pod of course was his reply."  Hummmmmm

     He cracked it open and out came all these seeds and he was right, the inside really is pretty.

     Just look at the character inside this pod.  I love the look. 

     Now I am sure I can find someway to display this and show it's beauty.

    Next question "What are the seeds and what do they grow up to be?"  "It's Caesalpinia regia".

    Now I am use to him giving me the Botanical name of everything and so I humor him for a few minutes and then I ask him to please speak english.

    Common Name = Royal Poinciana or Flame Tree or Peacock Flower

    Gorgeous flowers and it will become a small tree.  I really do hope his seeds grow, I would love this in the yard.
    Before we were married he once gave me a brick, so I should have know that my life would be filled with unusual gifts. I think this one is a good one.

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Does Your Hubby Bring You Strange Gifts

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