How To Receive More Comments

    You may be missing out on receiving comments and don't even know it.  There are a lot of blogs that are self hosted and if you don't have the right comment form for your blog, then they can't leave a comment.

    I received an email from a blogger - My 1929 Charmer - telling me she had linked to my party and wanted to leave a comment, but couldn't.  It seems that if you don't have the form that allows someone to click "name/url" that several different kinds of hosted blogs are unable to comment on your posts.

    This is the form you need for everyone to be able to leave a comment.

    It's really easy to change your setting so this is the form that comes up.

    1. click on Settings

    2. click on comments

    3. scroll down to where it says Comment Form Placement and click on Full Page

    That's all there is to it.  Also if you still have word verification, please turn it off.  It isn't necessary since blogger has installed up to date spam detection and you are loosing tons of comments because people won't take the extra time it takes to go through this step.  Also, some boxes pop up so slow after you leave a comment that you don't even know you are suppossed to do a word verification.

    Two really simple fixes so you can receive all of the comments that fellow bloggers wish to leave you.

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How To Receive More Comments

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