Planning Some Changes

    I don't know if it's just summer and I am so tired of all the heat or the fact that this really is a small house.  But I am constantly obsessing about wide open cool spaces.  I just NEED some, or else the look of some.  Living in the desert, we won't cool down until October, and then it will be around 80.  Being housebound has me feeling squeezed in. 

    This was the LR with the area rug and the ottoman in place.  Cozy look, but I am in the mood for wide open spaces.

    I removed the area rug and took the ottoman out and it seemed to open the space up a lot. I think hardwood floors would also give the room a more airy look, but that's not going to happen any time soon, so the carpet is here to stay.  Now I love my drapes and I will continue to use them probably for years, however, how about a change.  Can you envision some simple cream silk drapes?  I think the room could use a little bit of shine.  Something in an off white that will just frame the windows, but maybe fade into the walls a little bit.

    Ok, I need your opinions!!!!  What's going to make this seem and feel more open?

    I did see some cream antique satin lined drapes on clearance at Bed-Bath & Beyond for $10 a panel, however they only had 3 panels left and I couldn't find anymore.  I could make some, however if I find some on sale, then that saves a ton of work. I am ready for something, so tell me what you think.

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Planning Some Changes

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