Did You Hear Me Squealing!!!!!!

    Do you see something new?  Look really close.  I got the neatest treasure for my upcoming birthday and I was just squealing so loud that I am sure you all heard it or else you thought it was a sonic boom.

    I saw a picture of a wood cow silhouette in a kitchen that was just wonderful.  However the one I saw was huge and would have taken up a whole wall somewhere, so definitely wouldn't fit in my house.  When I saw it I was gasping so my DH and son wanted to know what I was looking at.  I showed them the pic and of course they both thought I was nuts, but I just kept exclaiming how fabulous I thought it was and would love to have one, only smaller.  This was a few weeks ago and then yesterday - - - - -

     Ta-Da!!!!  My son made me one!!!!  Isn't it just the neatest thing in the whole world.

     I absolutely love it and it is perfect above my sheep picture.

    Can you see the detail he carved into the body, and I totally love the old beat up board that he found to make it out of.

    This is the silhouette he used. He said he started to paint all the cuts of meat on it, but decided to carve it instead. I love mine carved better, but if any of you want to paint one, here's where all the cuts come from.

    Yes, I know I am really, really spoiled.  I am so thrilled with my present and I think it is just the neatest gift.

    My son is so talented, he makes guitars that are out of this world, and I think he did a fabulous job on my cow.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, I always look forward to your visits.

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Did You Hear Me Squealing!!!!!!

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