Thanks For All The Advice

    You guys are always so good with advice and suggestions.   I think you are all right that I am more bored than anything, but I did make one tiny change for now.   I did move furniture all over, however there really aren't too many possibilities for arrangements.  I think the next change will be to make some white drapes for next spring and summer.  For now just moving a couple of chairs did make a change in the feel and appearance.

    This is how the room looked before.

    And the dining area before.

    Several suggested that I remove the small end table and move the white chair to the corner.  Done, and I really think it looks good. 

    The white chair brings some light to that end of the room, and I also added the throw to the leather chair to lighten it up a bit.

    Putting the darker, smaller chair next to the sofa opens this end up a little bit more also.  Removing a couple of dining chairs is a great option, I just don't have anywhere to put them.  Maybe when I can remove a few things from other rooms I can find a place.

    The most advice I got was to get out of the house and go have lunch with the girls.  We are going to do just that tomorrow.  One of our blogger friends is in town from Wisconsin and several of us are going to meet up for lunch and a little shopping and lots of talking and laughing.  I can't wait.  I will definitely take my camera and lots of pics to share.

    Thanks for the kind words and suggestions about the room.  I really appreciate all the input.

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Thanks For All The Advice

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