These Remind me of Faudree

    I did a little garage sale running around this weekend and didn't find too much, but I did score a few things.  What I really liked the best were a couple of small paintings that I found.  If you read any of Charles Faudree design books, then you undoubtedly have noticed his love for his dogs and he has some fabulous paintings everywhere.  When I saw these, I thought they looked so much like the ones he always shows in his designs.

    Isn't this little painting gorgeous.  Taking a picture of a painting is so hard, but you can see how precious that little face is and the whole composition was just wonderful.  Love him laying on the sofa next to an open book.

    I thought this one was absolutely stunning also.  Love the woodsy background and the way the light shines on his coat.  Beautiful colors.

    These are both small, only about 7 x 7.  I think I will have them matted and find a couple of fabulous frames.  Guess I will be making a trip to HL soon.  Both of these little paintings were only $2 each.  I absolutely love them, and I think I scored.

    This lady had a lot of paintings, some really big, but most weren't subjects that I liked.  Of course cows are always a favorite of mine, so I picked this one up also for $3.  I think it works great in the kitchen for a change.

     Wonderful colors and the scene is so peaceful.  It's just so hard to get a good picture.

    At the same sale I also found this cute little dog figurine.  Such a cute little face.

     Now you know I couldn't leave it all white, so out came the stain and he got a new coat.

     I like him much better now.  He just needs to sit and dry for a while then I can play with a new vignette.

    Did you find anything this weekend, seems like there were a lot of yard sales going on.

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These Remind me of Faudree

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