75th Table Top Tuesday

    Wow, can you believe that we are at #75 already.  You guys are amazing, and week after week you come up with the most inspirational and creative table tops.  I am always so inspired and have such fun looking at all of them.

     I am still studying all those Decorating books and trying to improve my vignettes.  This is my Kopy Kat #3.
    The first thing I did was add the tassel to the lampshade to dress it up a little.  I think it makes a huge difference.

    Most of the lamps I kept seeing were tall or else they were elevated on something, so I elevated the rooster  on a couple of books since it is not a very tall lamp.  There was alway something in varying heights  as a backdrop to the rest of the vignette, so I added an urn of ivy to accomplish that. 

     Generally there is one main focal point, either one object or a collection, so I decided to use this little sheep picture as my focal point.

    I really like all the detail on the rooster.  I think he has tons of character.

    Since this is the side table by my chair in the FR, I wanted to have things that I use and would enjoy. I love fruit slice candies, so I filled my crystal dish with them, added another crystal egg and then a silver and glass coaster for my glass. That kept a collection of things in an odd number. Remember 3 - 5 and so on.

     One of the decorator books I am reading and that does it.  I need to leave plenty of room for something to drink and probably a snack of some kind.

    Next Tuesday, August 9th, Shelia @ Note Songs is having a Heart Of The Home party featuring all of our Roosters and Chicks.  So get all of yours all dressed up and create some lovely vignettes to show at her party and here.  We all love our Roos.

    Now I really look forward to seeing all of your vignettes and creations.  So link up and let's party.

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75th Table Top Tuesday

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