Wow, I Needed To Edit.

    Do you ever take a picture and then see how bad something looks and you didn't even notice.  Thaat's how I felt after I looked at this picture of the kitchen I showed you yesterday.  I love my two new cows and I was so focused on them, I didn't see the whole kitchen.  I had so much stuff piled all over the counters, you couldn't really see anything.  Time to edit big time.

     This is so much better don't you think.

     Left side of the range.  Nice and simple

     The right side of the range and the corner.

     My butter platter holding my salt-pepper grinders, oil and parsley/garlic mix.

    I tried to really simplify this corner.  Just a few fun things.

    The far corner is really simplified also.  I brought in a couple of snips of flowers off an Ixora bush.  That's about all that's blooming in this heat, but I love the color.   I think the entire kitchen looks so much better, don't you.

    A couple of things made their way to the breakfast table and all the rest was put away for a while.

    Thank you to everyone for all the gracious Birthday wishes.  I had a fabulous one.

    I am linking to Fresh Cut Friday hosted by Liz @ Rose Vignettes.

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Wow, I Needed To Edit.

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