4 Guys and A Gal

    I have been having a ball with 4 grandsons and a granddaughter.  Two are visiting from Oregon, one from California and two live here.  It is so fun to have them all together and listen to all the laughing and talking.  They are all such good friends and love getting together.

    Sunday at my daughter's house.  My granddaughter had just gotten out of the pool for the pic, and she's a little wet.  My grandson in the purple teeshirt is the one that broke both legs in a skiing accident in January.  Two rods later in each leg, tons of therapy treatments that are still ongoing, plus another surgery soon to do a bone graft, but he is walking and we are so thrilled that he will totally recover.  Just going to take a while longer.

    Sorry I havn't made the rounds lately, but grandma has been having fun with her angels.

    Also, tomorrow I start jury duty.   Hate that, but couldn't get out of it.

    I will try to check in when I can.

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4 Guys and A Gal

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