Guess What Came With This Card

    My daughter, son-in-law, grandsons and my sons surprised us with the most fantastic surprise.  We're going to Hawaii!!!!!

    With grandchildren visiting and everyone living so far apart, getting together is always a trial, so my daughter kept saying mom, we have a surprise for you and dad for both your birthdays. We'll get it to you soon.  DH's birthday is in Sept., and I just had mine.  You can't imagine how surprised we were when they all got together and are sending us to Hawaii for the week of Oct. 6th thru 13th.  We're going to Maui!!!!!  Airfare, accomodations, rental car and mad money included.

    I am so excited, I can hardly stand it.  I know that I have to have the most wonderful children in the whole world.  So I just have to brag, hope you will forgive me.

    I've already spent the day going through the closet and looking at my wardrobe so I can figure out what to buy.  I don't own a single pair of shorts, so that is definitely on the list.  A new pair of sandels and some cute tee shirts, and possibly a couple more pair of capris.  (I don't really sound excited at all do I ?)

    We have never been, so this will be a super fun trip for us.

    Thanks so much for letting me share all the excitement.

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Guess What Came With This Card

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