How Much Has Your Style Changed

    When you pull out pictures of previous homes are you amazed at how your style has changed.  I think it's always so interesting to see where I've been and where I am now.  Also, it's fun to look at how much I let the style of a house dictate my style sometimes.  It's fun to see what furniture has followed me through the years and what has been replaced.  Excuse the quality of the pictures.  They are pics of pics.

    All the same furniture.  I forget how old some of my things are until I look back.  This was from my red and gold phase.  I used those colors for years and always loved them. This was the living room in a previous house.

    Dining area in the same house.  Same furniture here too.

    This was a small study in a previous home.  Part of my red obcession.  Can you believe that I bought that little settee at Ethan Allen and actually picked out that fabric to be put on it.  What was I thinking!!!

    This was part of my flower period.  Still with the red and gold, but boy, all those flowers. Drapes, bedskirt, pillows and I even had those chairs covered in the same fabric.

    I had a good laugh at some of these pictures, however this was fun to see some of the past rooms that I really liked at the time, and to see what furniture and accessories are still with me.  Maybe I just need to start over from scratch. lol

    Thanks so much for stopping by, I always appreciate your visits.

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How Much Has Your Style Changed

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