Geeeeessss! What Has Taken Me So Long

    Everytime I start to do a vignette, I notice the white plugs and switches on the chocolate brown walls of my kitchen, then I forget about it again.  Isn't it weird how you can get so use to seeing something that you don't notice how really bad it looks.  I just kept thinking, I really need to change those, but I never did.

    See, they are all the way around the kitchen and they just stick out like a sore thumb.  Now I know you all must have noticed them too and you were just too polite to tell me to get a grip and change them.

    Finally when I was cleaning over the weekend, it got to me and so off to Lowe's to get some new ones.  My choices were white, cream, black, brown or oil rubbed bronze.  The oil rubbed bronze looked sort of gray against my walls, and the brown is darker, but definitely the best choice.  You can see where I tried to paint one of the switch plates.  I soon discovered this wasn't going to work at all.  So the brown was the best option.

    I know that you still see the plugs, but it is so much better don't you think. 

    I'm a happy camper with the results.  Now to cook a great dinner for my DH.  He was so good to make all the changes for me.

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Geeeeessss! What Has Taken Me So Long

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