When I showed the new runner that I made for the dining table out of fabric that coordinates with the livingroom pillows, I had a couple of questions about where I found the urn that the floral arrangement was in.  It looks quite large and substantial, however it has a little secret.

    When I switched the chairs to these ladderback ones, the height of the the back of the chairs was much taller than the previous ones, so I needed to have someting more substantial for the centerpiece to keep it all in scale.

    The floral arrangment was done in a very simple brown bowl and not very tall.  I previously had it sitting on a round wood block, but that wasn't tall enough to give me the height I wanted.

     I had this brown metal planter that I found at GW months ago, but it didn't elevate it enough, so what to do.

     I turned it over and it was the right height.

     I just sat the original planter on top and it was perfect.  I love to improvise and this is definitely a case in point.

    Because they're the same color, it looks like one piece and now it has the presence that it needed to have.  I love it when something works out that way.

    Now the arrangement doesn't hide behind the chairs and it is also a better scale to the candlesticks.

    Think outside the box and look around for something you have to use as a pedestal.  It just might work and be perfect.

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