Working In The Yard

    A beautiful day here in the desert, so before it warmed up too much this afternoon, I pulled a few weeds and enjoyed some of the flowers in the yard.

    The Daylilly is finally starting to bloom.  I can't wait until it spreads more and I have tons of flowers.  The Orange Bells in the background is blooming it's head off.  A new plant this year and it is doing really well so far.

    Aren't the flowers gorgeous with such a vibrant color.  It definitely makes this corner shine.

     Even my bug-eyed frog likes it.

     I thought I had lost this bush, but see how much has come back, and you can see some tiny buds on the bare branch also.

     The bottom has filled out beautifully, so maybe it will survive.  Winter did a real number on a lot of plants.

    DH just came back from a friend's house that was thinning out some plants and said he had a treat for me.  First thing I saw was the pot.  Love the color and the texture.  Great pot.

     Then he uncovered it and a gorgeous, hugs plant for the patio.  Fabulous treat, I was thrilled.

    Hope you're having a super Sunday and enjoying the outdoors. 

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Working In The Yard

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