Obelisk and Finials

    I've been working on redoing a couple of things and thought I'd share one of the projects. (Yes, I changed the header back to this pic. lol  Just think it is me.)

     I love Finials and Obelisks.  I have a really small collection.  This finial is wood and needed a little something.  That's not dust, it's that gray whatever they put on some things to give them an aged look and it doesn't come off.  However that's not what bothered me.  It just looked a little flat and needed some bling.

     Out came the good ole' Rub 'n Buff.  This stuff works wonders on all kinds of things.

     Just a touch here and there to highlight the carved detail.  Now it seems to have more personality.

     Mixed in with some others I have, it now holds it's own.  I'll show you the rest later, I have a little more tweaking to do.

    Hope you're all having a super Friday.  I'm working on a couple more tweaks.  Can't wait to show you.

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Obelisk and Finials

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