What A Difference A Lamp Makes

    While trying to straighten up some things in the garage, I saw two lamps that I havn't used for a while.  Now I know that some people have a real hate/love relationship with brass, however it is making a comeback in a big way.  So, there were two brass lamps that I used for years and loved.  So how would they work now?

    As you have all seen, I have two white lamps in my living room and love the look with my white sofa and chair.

    This is a picture that I had in my files so you can see the white lamps a little better. (I forgot to take a pic before I switched things out)

    Then when I switched them out for the two brass ones, I was totally shocked at the overall feel of the room.  Everything totally changed.  The room took on a completely different vibe.

    This is the one I found at a garage sale and then painted white.  I love it.  Look at the accessories next to it.

    This is one of my brass ones.  Now look at the same accessories.  Big difference!!!

    This white one I found at GW, love this detail.  It is on the other side of the sofa.

     Now see the difference here too.  Amazing to me how everything seemed to change.

    So, white lamps, or - - - - - - -

    Brass ones?   So, what do you think?

    Does your room change with just the change of a lamp?  Tell me about it and what you think about these two.

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What A Difference A Lamp Makes

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