69th Table Top Tuesday

     Thanks for joining TTT, you guys are the best and always make this such a fun party.

    As I showed you the other day, I have a small collection of Obelisk and Finials and one of them needed a little bling.  This one is wood and I love the carving, however, with the gray dusty whatever they put in the grooves, it just didn't show all the carving.

    Good ole' Rub 'n Buff to the rescue. 

     Not a lot, just a touch, but it does have a little more character now.

      I have this arrangment on top of the China cabinet and now the wood one shows up so much better.

     This one is either marble or alabaster, either way it is super heavy and in real life you can see more of the veins and colors.

     This Obelisk in the back is stone.  I love all the pits and age.

    The black egg shaped finial is some kind of stone also, and weighs a ton.  The gold leaf on the wood one really shows the carving and let's it hold it's own next to the others.

     The clock in the center, the gold fruit on the left and all of the finials and obelisk on the right, and it works.

     The mirrors on the back of the china cabinet reflect the crystal and silver so much in a picture.  In person, you can see the individual pieces.

    I am happy with the touch of bling, little things are all I need to do a yip-skip.  lol  Thanks so much for stopping by, I always look forward to your visits.

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69th Table Top Tuesday

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