71st. Table Top Tuesday

    Welcome to the 71st. Table Top Tuesday.  With summer here, you guys are all so busy fluffing your homes and the inspiration never ends.  I love seeing it all.

     When I am tired of looking at something and think I need a change, I usually get out some of my decorating books and browse.  My favorite by far has to be all of the books I have by Charles Faudree.  Now I certainly don't have a grand home or space like he decorates, nor do I have all of his fabulous accssories, but there is so much we can copy from him.

    I wanted to change the bookcases on the entertainment center and he has tons of inspiration for bookshelves.
    I went through some of my goody stash and pulled out a few things that remind me of his style.  He uses pictures, architectural elements and figurines, especially farm animals.  While my accessories might be simple instead of grand, the same feeling can be achieved.

     After rearranging the books, I added a few of these same elements to my bookcases.

     A sweet little figurine of a boy enjoying the summer.

     Three finials for some architectural interest.

     A cute cow for one of the farm animals,

     and a small DT sheep.

    A brass apple and inkwell sit on top of a stack of decorating books for a little sparkle.

     Of course my Bunny picture stayed

     As well as my favorite little boy with his horse.

    My version of a little Charles Faudree design.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, I always look forward to your visits and I can't wait to see what you've been up to.

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71st. Table Top Tuesday

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