Front Porch & Patio Ready For Summer

    With the big Blog - Block Party going on, I am joining Kim @ Savvy Southern Style . She is hosting the Porch and Deck part of the Big Block Party. Be sure to check out everyone that is participating this week. A full week of hosts and parties.

    Most of you have seen these pics, but for those that havn't here's my front porch, back patio and yard.
    I think the porch decor should reflect the style of home you have.   The outside of my house is very simple with little architectural detail.  So the furniture needed to follow suit.

    The walk to the front door is kept very clean and simple.

    Since I live in the desert, the front landscape is done with low water plantings and a desert theme.

    It's always fun to add a little whimsy to any area and the frog always gets a comment.

    I spray painted a two toned design on an inexpensive chinese stool that I found for $15.  I think this dressed it up and it's the perfect place to sit a couple of glasses.

    A couple of pillows and the plants give the area warmth and looks inviting.

    From the street I think it says Welcome, Come Sit, Visit and Relax.

    My back patio area isn't very large,  just room enough for a bench and table and chairs.

    A treasured bench that my dad made for me has to be here.  Some cushions make it look comfortable and is a nice place to sit and relax.

    The other side of the patio holds our table and chairs.  I love to have my morning coffee here everyday.

    Some plants and a sunshade screen help keep this area cool until my trees grow a little bigger.

    We have a his and hers yard.  This is my side of the yard and the view from the patio.  DH's yard is to the left of this area and it's where our garden is suppossed to be,  however right now it is a mess.  No pics.

    A little bench to sit and relax.  I actually think he uses this more than I do, and you can see a lot of his plants in pots are starting to creep in. lol

    A lot of new plantings, we lost 2 trees and 5 shrubs through last winter.  Hopefully these are more sturdy.

    When we extended the concrete patio area, we curved a small section out on this side for the BBQ.  I am so glad to have this spot, I think we grill at least 4 or 5 times a week, and yes the grilling is me, I'm the cook.  It keeps the house so much cooler if you can cook outdoors.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, I always enjoy your visits and be sure to visit all the ladies hosting the Block Party this week.

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Front Porch & Patio Ready For Summer

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