Out Come The Brushes and Stain Again.

    I had a couple of DT and GW finials that needed a little something, and so I finally found the time to give them a little makeover.  My favorite weapon of choice is always my Min-Wax Walnut Stain.

    Love the texture of this finial, however it really is pretty bland and ugly. 

     A good  coat of stain and it is already looking better.

     I took a soft cloth and buffed a lot of it off and I really like the way it shows the texture of the piece.

    This one has beautiful carving details, but the colors are just a little washed out.

     Just a few highlights here and there with the stain, and all of the character of the piece jumps out.

    I paired these two with another DT finial and they look fabulous.  The texture of each one is so different from the others, so they make a great compliment to each other.

    Don't you love it when just a little tweaking creates a whole new piece.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, I always look forward to your visits.

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Out Come The Brushes and Stain Again.

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