Is Your Kitchen Sink A Workhorse

    In this house we don't have a utility sink in the laundry room, so the kitchen sink is always the place where all the dirty work takes place.  Everytime my DH wants to wash up from the garage or the yard, he uses the kitchen sink.  He hates to use paper towels to dry his hands, so he kept asking for a towel or else I caught him using my tea towel.  Not good. 

     We do have a soap dispenser that is always filled with moisturizingt antibacterial soap that made clean up easy.  But the towel issue was a problem.

     This was my solution.  When we installed the door hardware, instead of placing it on the sides of the cabinets doors, I placed it across the top of the doors.  Now I can hang two hand towels on them and they are super handy for all those messy cleanups. 

     My tea towel is hanging on the inside of the door, so now he can't grab that for his dirty hands.  Problem solved.

    If you have the same problem, this is a great solution and it keeps everyone happy.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, I always look forward to your visits.

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Is Your Kitchen Sink A Workhorse

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