Hidden Treasures-French Linen Tea Towel

    Do you save things that are special to you or are precious because of value or sentiment for someday?  I am trying to get over this habit and use the things I have.

    After doing the laundry, I was putting all the dish cloths and tea towels away and decided to straighten the drawer up.  I was amazed at what all I had and didn't even use.  I found a fabulous French linen tea towel that was given to me by a special friend and I just had it at the bottom of the drawer.  I didn't want to use it and get it dirty.  Just more of that save special things mentality.

    It's fabulous and will be perfect to use as a table runner since it is quite large.  I found other treasures too.

    Now this picture is definitely the good, bad and ugly.  This is what all I had in that drawer.  See that whole stack of pot holders, well - - -

     this is what I was using every day.  Clean, washed every week, but look how rag tag they are.  Why aren't I using some of the others?  Ok, these are getting retired.

    Another treasure I found are two wonderful flour sack towels. 

     On the bottom with the French tea towel I found several others that are so pretty.  Love this one.

    And look at the cheeries.  These would look so cute.

    Another fabulous rooster one.  I really need to hang this up also.

    Then here's a darling one for Easter.  How cute is this.

    Ok, I am going to use some of these and open everything up and make sure that I use it all.  No more in the bottom of the drawer and saved for a special day.  I ironed the French tea towel and decided to use it on the breakfast table.

     I placed the bottle carrier, butter platter and rooster on it.  Love the look.

    The bottle carrier holds napkins and flatware ready for our meals.

     I always want a straw, so I added a slim jar I had with some straws.

    I decided to use the red rooster towel for now, but I am determined to switch out with the others and enjoy them all.

    Love the splash of color it adds to the kitchen.

    Do you use your things, or do you save them.  I say let's use them and enjoy them.  No sense having them in the bottom of a drawer.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, I always look forward to your visits.

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Hidden Treasures-French Linen Tea Towel

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