How to Keep Those Stainless Sinks Bright and Shiny

    When I showed my solution to the kitchen hand towel problem, I was asked to share how I keep my sink so shiny.  When we had the granite installed, I wanted a new sink, but I was a little leary of the stainless because they always look so dirty and spotted after a while, and I didn't want that.  However, I loved the look, so I found a really heavy guage stainless and went for it.  I loved that one side is larger and extra deep.

    As I was cleaning today, I saw some water spots that needed to be removed so I got out my secret weapon.  These are the normal water spots that will not wipe out with a cloth or soap and water. 

    This is an automotive scotch brite pad.  Mine is getting pretty worn, so I think I need a new one.  It is much finer than a regular scotch brite pad and doesn't leave scratch marks.  Just scrub away , making SURE you go with the grain of the stainless.  This thing works wonders, it removes all kinds of scratches and spots and leaves the sink bright and shiny.  Just clean all of the spots away and then wipe down with a clean damp cloth and it will sparkle like new.  AGAIN, BE SURE YOU GO WITH THE GRAIN OF THE STAINLESS.  If you don't you will make terrible marks on the stainless that you don't want.  I do not recomment this for your appliances, they have some kind of coating on them, but it works wonders on the sink.

    All my spots are gone and it shines like new.

    Bright and shiny and looks so clean. 

     You can get the pads at any Auto Body store.  Just tell them you want Fine Scotch Brite pads.

    Let me know how it works for you. 

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How to Keep Those Stainless Sinks Bright and Shiny

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