Painting it to look Old

    Ok, as usual I forgot to take a pic. I started with a white pitcher that was cracked and had turned brown in spots. I have several white pitchers, so I thought I would try something different and see if I could cover up the cracks. I had these colors of paint on hand, so I decided they would do. A bright sunshine yellow, grass green and clear.

    First I painted the bottom half in the yellow and the top half in the green. We're going for an old hand done look, so deliberately leave some drips in places.

    Next I took my MinWax Walnut stain and sponged some on and dabbed it off with a rag, leaving it heavy in some places and lighter in others, and kind of streaking the two.

    Next, a second coat of the stain to make it really dark on the green in places.

    Wait just until it is dry to the touch, but don't let it cure dry. Then start spraying several coats of the clear. You can see that it makes the heavy stain crackle. When it was totally dry, I took an old really soft scotch brite and lightly wiped it down to smooth it out a little. Next spray on a couple more coats of the clear for a really smooth and glossy finish.

    I really like the way it turned out. Just the colors that I love.

    So instead of throwing the pitcher away, I experimented and had fun, plus I wound up having a pitcher that I really like. So dig out your paints and transform something, it is just so much fun.

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Painting it to look Old

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