Barnyard Bash

    We having a Barnyard Party at Happier Than A Pig In Mud. Since this is a real bash you really don't want to miss it, so click on over and see who all is having fun. I understand everyone is going to be there and all the farm animals have cleaned themselves up real nice.

    Now you all know that I have about a million roosters, but today they are just going to stay in the Hen House. I thought I would let all the other animals introduce themselves and give you a tour of the barn.

    "Hello, my name is Copper. My barn is pretty good sized, so I have plenty of room in my very own stall and a place for my cart too. I use to be on the top of the barn on a weathervane, but I like my stall a lot better."

    "My name is Porky. Out front to one side of the barn, I have my very own Pig Pen. I was so excited about the party that I didn't lay in the mud today just for you."

    "They call me Fluffy. We have this wonderful field next to the barn where we get to graze all day."

    "I was the shiniest chicken and so I snuck out of the Hen House to join the party. The farmer really likes me, he calls me Goldie."

    "Hello, I'm Quacker. There's a really nice pond by the barn, and I mostly hang out there, but today I thought I would check out all the fun."

    "I'm called Prince. They say I rule the pond, however I really like all the other ducks and I enjoy their company. I'm glad we have such a nice big pond to swim in."

    "We snuck into the barn and found a couple of carrots that were left for the horses. Now you know Bunnies love carrots. The farmer's wife calls us Whitie, Pinky and Speckles."

    "I'm Hooter. I hang out in the top of the barn. I have the best place up there. At night I hoot at all the animals, but it doesn't scare them."

    Well, this has been quite a party, and now that the music is starting I think I will go find myself a square dance partner and have some fun. All that food looks good too. Thanks for letting me show you around my barn and introducing you to all my animal friends.

    Thanks for stopping by, I always appreciate your visits.

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Barnyard Bash

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