Do You Like To Mix a Lot of Patterned Fabrics

    I love to use a lot of pattern in a room, but it seems like some people are afraid of it.  I think the more the merrier.

    I love the colors in the Iris pillow, and I finally got the solid orange pillow done, then I found the plaid and just had to have some of it too.  The lime pillow I found at Walmart on sale for $9.    I think it all mixes together really well.

    This is the other side of the sofa, with another accent pillow in an orange windowpane design and a solid lime green.  Notice that there is a different orange and gold pattern on the table. 

    This may not be for everyone, however I really think it is so much more interesting to look at.

    There's also a patterned fabric on this chair.

    Two different fabrics on the pillows on this sofa, and a different pattern on the leather chair.

    Did you notice there are two different fabrics on the drapes also, and how about another fabric on the ottoman.  (Yes, I am still housing two sofas in the living room.  Hopefully the one in front of the windows is going to the familyroom soon.)
    So how many different fabrics do you think I've used in this room?  Let's count -
    Pillows - 9
    Table Topper - 2 ( you can't see the underskirt in the picture)
    Ottoman - 1
    Accent Chair - 1
    Drapes - 2
    Total of 15

    That doesn't include the alphabet design on the white chair, or the sculpted chenille pattern on the sofa.  So if we include those we have a total of 17.
    So, if you don't like the look of your room, just try mixing a few fabrics together and see if that brings it to life. 

    Thanks so much for stopping by.  I really look forward to your visits.

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Do You Like To Mix a Lot of Patterned Fabrics

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