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    On my previous post here I showed you photos that I printed out for free from the internet.  The site where I found the photos that I used was
     There are dozens of categories to choose from.  I printed out the cow picture below. If you do a google for free photos or free pictures, hundred of sites come up that you can browse. You can see in the below picture the texture when it is printed on canvas paper.

    This is what it looks like in a nice frame.

    This is the paper that my husband used.  It is real canvas printer paper.  It comes in a pack of 10- 81/2" x 11" sheets for $11.99.  He got it at Office Max a while back.  I found two pictures that I wanted and I had him print them both out on one sheet. Both of mine are 5"x7" since that is the size of frames that I had.
    One additional note, you do have to let them sit for a few minutes to let the ink dry since this is canvas.  Then just cut them out and frame them.

    I love the look, they look like expensive oil paintings. I hope you all find some pictures that you like and then print them out and frame them, and instant pretty art.  Love it.

    Several have asked about the watermark on the pics.  When you go to print there is an option to print without the watermark.  Just click on that and print.  Easy.  Most of the pictures come up as fairly large, just copy and paste to your picture folder, then you can size them however you want before you print.

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Answers to -Free Fine Art

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