Met. Monday - Bathroom Redo

    The water closet room of our bathroom is small and really plain. I did have a picture on the wall, but I took it down to use in the hall, so all I had was the little cabinet above the toilet. Kind of sad.

    So, it was time to dress it up a little.

    Love this pretty picture and the frame, however it was sitting out in the garage without a place to hang. Since I have turquoise in the master bedroom, why not use it in the bathroom.

    Some coastal grass, shells, starfish and a fabulous bottle Ceekay gave me make the little chest look dressed. I have had this chest for years. Perfect to hold extra rolls of toilet paper and a few bathroom necessities.

    Doesn't that look pretty on the top shelf.

    A cute little antique transferware tray for the top of the tank.

    Since we both like to use bath sheets to dry with after a shower and there is no wall space in the bathroom, this became the perfect place to hang them. This area is directly across from the shower, so it's really easy to reach.( yep, that's me standing with the door open and trying to get a full shot of this small room.)

    This looks so much more interesting when you open the door. Not quite so utility looking. Much better I think.

    Now this is what the rest of the bathroom looked like that I just redid a few weeks ago using the lime green. However since I have turquoise in the bedroom and the water closet, I wanted to change the look.

    While straightening the linen closet again, I found 2 turquoise wash clothes (wonder where the towels went), so I thought I would replace the lime green.

    This is called really making do with what you have.

    A little redo of the counter display too. The larger cloche took up a lot of room and since it takes a lot of putty and spackle for me to put my makeup on, I need all the room I can get. A smaller cloche and some turquoise ribbon ties it all together.

    Still using seashells and starfish to tie it into the coastal look of the bedroom.

    Now we have a turquoise theme running through the bedroom and bath. I love that it coordinates better.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, and I really can't wait to see all of your vignettes.

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Met. Monday - Bathroom Redo

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