Blogger Friends Fun In Calif. - Beach Part 1

    Blogger friends always have the most fun. As I promised for those that havn't ever been to Calif., I would show you tons of pictures of the beach and ocean.

    Ceekay of Thinkin of Home and I went to visit Karen of Some Days Are Diamonds in LA and had the most fun ever. This is a picture of Ceekay on the left and Karen on the right getting their feet wet at the beach.

    We were at the Cove by Dana Point. You could see ocean forever and ever and the weather was in the 70's. Wonderful.

    Ceekay getting hit by a small wave. Love that expression. If we hadn't been in the cove, a huge wave would have covered her.

    See the shark in the water.

    Ceekay had to prove to her son that she swam with the sharks. Funny story that she has to tell you.

    Wouldn't you love to live in one of the houses on the hill and have that view. To die for.

    Ceekay and Karen "Footprints in the Sand" as we were leaving this part of the beach.

    Of course we had to have Fish & Chips. It was so good. I ate it so fast I didn't get a picture. We sat at table outside on the pier. Fabulous.

    Karen took this pic and emailed it to Ceekay's husband with the message "You said I could buy anything I wanted, so this is what I got." He laughed and said he sure hoped not. lol

    A tug rescuing a disable boat.

    An Historic Scooner.

    They take you out for tours on this wonderful scooner.

    All sizes of boats in the harbor. Look at the lady enjoying herself.

    A couple of children were having fun too.

    Lots of fishing boats too.

    On the way to dinner, we had to see the wild peacocks in Glendora. They just roam the neighborhoods.

    This was a mama and her babies on someone's lawn.

    Dinner up at Mt. Baldy. Had to be on Route 66.

    Ceekay had to hug Smokey of course.

    Now sprinkle in a ton of shopping, dinner at Karen's house and other sightseeing, laughing and talking all at once, and you can imagine the fun.

    Next I'll show you the shopping. Wow, is there ever a ton of antique shops and other fabulous stores. You won't believe all the wonderful eye candy.

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Blogger Friends Fun In Calif. - Beach Part 1

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