Several of you have asked about the pictures I have in the bedroom.  When my mom passed away many years ago, I found these old pictures in a chest.  I had never seen them before and didn't know anything about the people.  My mom had a note on the back of each one, however she wrote things like Aunt Maude, Uncle John and family and etc.  My dad didn't know the story of any of these people, however since they are ancestors I asked if I could have them.  A couple of them were in frames and I found antique looking frames for the others. 

     This one simply says Aunt Maude.  This is one of the frames I found, not an antique, but it works well.

     This one says Mother's Aunt Alice.  This is also one of the frames I found.

     This one says Uncle John and family.  It was framed this way.

     This one says John and Mollie.  My mother had a brother named John and a sister named Mollie.  They were both quite a few years older than her, so I think this is her brother and sister.  I found this frame also.

     This says Grandma and Grandpa.  It was in this frame with the curved and bowed glass. (Sorry for the glare).

    I wish I had seen these pictures while she was alive to learn more about these people, but I cherish the pictures anyway.  These would all be great or great-great ancestors.

    Thanks for stopping by, I always look forward to your visits.   Be sure to link up tonight to Table Top Tuesday.  You guys always inspire me.

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