Nature or Not

    This has definitely been the year we've seen a lot of nature being used in home decor.  I think it is something that we have really embraced or some of us are a little shy about some of it. 

    Antlers are a great example.  Very popular and seems that you either love it or hate it.  However since there are so many faux antlers, a few more people are on board. They are definitely used in a wide variety of decor designs and vignettes.

     There's also the turtle shell that is making a huge splash in decor.  Natural or painted, small or large, they are used in a ton of different way.I've definitely been on the fence as to how I personally feel about these elements.  Sometimes I think I am a little squeemish when it comes to certain things.

     I found this turtle shell at a garage sale and she had it displayed on a teacup hook, sitting on a chest.  I love the wonderful detail of the design on the shell and the colors are stunning.

    I thought for $3 it was a very different accessory and one that I might use somewhere.

     I think it can probably be worked into several different displays, but for now I placed it in the bookcase.

    It is a real shell, and as I said, sometimes I am a little squeemish, and this almost kept me from buying it.  Am I just a sissy or what?

     The Lord made this shell wonderful, and I do appreciate the beauty of it, so I will concentrate on that.

    So, tell me, how do you feel about antlers, shells and other bits of nature?  Like it, love it, hate it or no opinion?

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Nature or Not

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