Decorating with Pheasant Feathers

    I love decorating with pheasant feathers, and I see that a lot of you do too, however I don't like the high price at the craft stores.

    Just a few feathers makes any arrangement look more elegant.

     So I went on a quest to find some affordable  feathers and I found some.  I thought I would share with you so you can have some also.

    They have a pack of 24 long pheasant feathers for $10.00 .  That's a great price and they had super reviews.  So I ordered some, can't wait to get them.  I plan on using quite a few in my Christmas decor.

    So, if you are in the market for some feathers, they have several kinds and the prices are all very good.  I am not paid by them, just thought it was a good deal and wanted to pass along the info.

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Decorating with Pheasant Feathers

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