French Butter Bell Crock

    My DH totally gets it.  He is definitely a keeper.  This week he has been at a convention and yesterday at the last day and dinner, they also had a drawing for certain prizes.  He put his raffle tickets in the jars next to a few things that he wanted and in a couple of jars next to some things he thought I would like.  Well, to my delight, one of the things he thought I would like won.

                                                         A FRENCH BUTTER BELL CROCK

     Now how fun is this.  I have never heard of or seen one before, but what a great idea.

     This side explains how it works to store butter, keeping it spreadable without refrigeration and so it doesn't spoil.

     The water goes in the bottom of the crock, the butter is packed into the cup shape of the top and the water forms an airtight seal when the top is placed into the crock.  To use just turn the top over and dip from the cup shape.  Now how clever is that.

     I went online to find out more and discovered these have been used for years and were designed long before refrigeration.  According to all the info online, this is something the French have used for ages.

    So here it is all ready to use next to the stove.  I've added it to the top of the butter slab holding all of my daily necessities.  I am sure this will become an instant favorite.

     How fun and what a treat. So glad that my honey gets it and chose something really super for me, considering he didn't win anything for himself. I do have to say he really was pretty proud of himself when he came home. He knew he did really good. lol

    So, have you seen one or do you know about them?

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French Butter Bell Crock

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