Yard Sales

    I don't do sick well at all!!!!  I havn't been out of the house for several days, just taking medecine, resting and sleeping.  Pneumonia is the pits.  Today I just couldn't stand it.  I have to get back amongst the living.  After I took my shower and got dressed, I noticed three neighbors were having yard sales.  So off I went to see what they had.  Of course you always find something!!!

    I don't know why all of a sudden I keep finding pictures.  I found two more.  These are both small so I can always display them on an easel.  Love this cute group of dogs.  They are such fun.

    Such cute little faces, and had to come home with me for $2.

    The landscape on this one is pretty also.  Such a peaceful scene.

     The dogs all have such great detail.  Great price at $3.

     Of course I can always spot a rooster a mile away.  Such a fun cache pot. 

    Great scene on both sides of the pot.  Super find for $3.

    Ok, I am worn out.  I need to get back home and rest.  Funny how this little shopping spree wore me out.  It was nice to get out for a bit though. 

    Hope you have a super day and if you're out at the yard sales, hope you find tons of treasures.

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Yard Sales

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