Granite Gold - Pledge - Tole Tray

    That's a weird title isn't it.  lol  Seems like every week when I scrub the kitchen thoroughly, I want to switch things around a bit.  Sometimes I add something new and then other times, I just reshuffle what I already have.

    When I cleaned Saturday, I thought it was time to treat the granite island again.  I love this stuff.  It works wonders and leaves the granite so beautiful.    Easy to use, just clean the counter, dry it well, then spray on the sealer and buff dry.  Like the bottle says, perfect for granite, corian, tile, travertine and all man-made stones.

    Just look at that shine.  You can see reflections in it.

    So I moved the rooster off of the island and placed the scales and fruit here instead.  Nice for a change.

    See that glistening counter.  The back counters are formica.  After I clean them thoroughly, I always polish them with Pledge spray polish.  It seals them and brings them back to life beautifully.  Plus it makes wiping up any spills a breeze.

    I brought in the Rooster tole tray to use as a background for the corner.  It was looking a little dull, so I gave it a coat of Pledge and it looks like new.  All the colors just glow.

    The wood chicken and egg holder go well with the tray don't you think.

    Isn't the painting on the tray pretty.  I love the fruit under the rooster.  Such pretty colors.

    These things were already here, I just left them.

    I love a clean and shiny kitchen.  It just thrills me to see it all sparkly and shiny.  Now I want to cook something.  My DH laughs at me.  I can't cook in a dirty kitchen.  I always have to have it spotless before I start anything.  ( I know, I am a little weird, but I have to have all the dishes put away, empty sinks and clean counters )

    If you havn't tried the Granite Gold, you really should.  This stuff is fabulous.  It works on all kinds of natural and man-made stone and tile.  I found it at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  Also, try using Pledge on your formica counters too.  It really does work wonders.

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Granite Gold - Pledge - Tole Tray

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