Rafia Covered Jars

     I have been trying to make myself stay focused since I cleaned the closet out and purged a ton of things this summer.  So with all the new clothes, I went through and took another group of things to GW.

    Well of course you have to browse while you are there.  I didn't see a whole lot, but this fun green rafia covered jar caught my eye.  $2.99 and 25% off Senior Day.  These have become so popular to decorate with.

     It fits right in with my demi-john and my other rafia covered jar.  I almost have a collection.  It's amazing at how different all the designs are. 

    I've seen all kinds of these in magazines, some with rafia, some with twine, and even some with chain or wire.

    So, what do you think, are these going to become a classic or are they just a fad?

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Rafia Covered Jars

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