OK, Now I Feel Bad

    Remember I showed you all these hundreds of  pots that DH asked me to organize by size and then

    clean off this rack and stack them neatly!!!!  Well, I'm still not done and I think I have grumped a little about so many pots and how we need to get rid of some of them. (OK, I grumped a lot)

    Well, now I feel really bad.  We don't do Valentine's.  Never have. Then when I woke up this morning, this was sitting on the kitchen counter, with the most wonderful card that said how much he appreciated how I have always been his biggest fan and HELPER.  Geeeezzzzeeee!  I didn't even buy a card for him.

    Hope you are all having a wonderful Valentines.  Now I am going to go finish stacking pots.

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OK, Now I Feel Bad

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