51st. Table Top Tuesday

    Welcome to the 51st. Table Top Tuesday.  I am so thrilled you are joining us. 

    As I've said a million times, my house is VERY small with VERY limited storage.  This poses a problem since I have so much stuff, and I always seems to find BIG stuff.  Eventurally there is no place to store it behind doors, so I had to start trying to figure out how to store it in a decorative manner in plain sight.

    My laundry room has cabinets above the washer and dryer and I utilize every inch of it for household cleaning supplies and all my spray paints and stains and stuff.  The white cabinet if full of candleholders, candles, and tons of other decorating and crafting supplies.  So that leaves the tops of things.

    The top of the secondary refrigerator and the cabinets are great candidates for storage.

    The antique wagon has been up there for a while, but now it holds some of my larger white pitchers.  I also put a ton of smaller things in front of the wagon.   I tried to make them look attractive as well as store them while not in use somewhere else in the house.

    The tops of the cabinets are holding two tureens and my dad's old tool box.  A few flowers and it looks ok.

    Even the top of the white cabinet holds tons of fun accessories.  No space is sacred, I cover it all with something.

    The tops of my kitchen cabinets store a ton of things also. Previously on this section of cabinet above the fridge I had just the Tea can and a floral arrangement, but I need to store more stuff.  The top of the fridge didn't get a break either, I put my favorite tureen and 3 of my roosters on it.

    The antique pull toy horse, another tin and the coffee grinder replaced the floral arrangement.

    The tin is so big it will probably always be here.

    This helps to store 3 more things instead of just a floral arrangement.

    Since I do love this floral arrangement, of course it had to find a place.

    It works perfectly with a table runner on the breakfast room table.  After all, it's wheat and feathers.  Now I know you all agree that anything with wheat and feathers needs to be showcased, right?  ( You can even see another peek at my new chandy I got for Christmas.  Isn't it perfect!!!)

    So where do you store all those big items when the closets and cabinets are full?

    Thanks so much for stopping by, I always look forward to your visits.

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51st. Table Top Tuesday

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