Careful What You Ask For

    Living in the desert has huge limitations on what flowers you can have.  It's just too hot for most things.  Then if you have a cold winter like this year where temps get down into the 20's just about everything dies.

    I want some more of these.

    And these.

    And this trimmed up.

    And for the yard to look like this again.

     I should have kept my mouth shut!!!  Yesterday DH got in the mood to clean up the side yard where all the gardening things are stored.  He insisted that he had a project for me.  Now I would really rather be doing other things, but if this will help get the yard in shape, then ok.  Look at the job he gave me.  Have you ever seen so many pots in your whole life.!!!!!

    No one needs this many, but he won't throw or give away any of them.

     My chore for today is to hose off these racks and then to organize all of these pots by size onto these racks.  Surely he was kidding, however I found out quickly that he was dead serious.  Geeeeeesssseee!

     Ok, once I get this done, he promises me he will start to make the yard look like this again.

    I hope you have something more fun to do today.

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Careful What You Ask For

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