I NEED HELP with Drapes

    Ok, I keep looking at my familyroom and breakfastroom drapes and I think they need to be changed.  When I first made them, I just shirred them on rods and tied them back.  But now I think that the tiebacks are not so great.  This is what it's looked like tied back, and I need your help and opinion.

    I bought some rings and hung them straight.  They will need to be re-hemmed, so I've only changed the breakfastroom window so far.  What do you think?  Does it look more updated with them hanging straight?

    OK, so here's the question!!!  THIS

    Or THIS

    Ok,  give me your opinion.  I like the drapes and the subtle striped fabric blends well with the wall, and since this is such a small area, I really didn't want them to contrast.  I just wanted them to soften the windows.  I'm all ears, you ladies are all fabulous decorators, so give me the word.  Any suggestion at all will be appreciated.  Hanging straight, tied back or ????????

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I NEED HELP with Drapes

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