My Favorite Things Saturday

    We have a wonderful new meme being hosted by the gracious Laurie @ Bargain Hunting and Chatting with Laurie. This is a fun party where we show off some of our favorite things.

    I thought I would show you some of my clocks. I showed these last year, so you may have already seen them. In a hallway off my LR/DR I have a few of my clocks displayed.

    The first one you see is my favorite and a precious treasure to me. It was made by my mom and dad. Most of my clocks are ones she gave me from her collection. This is one that they made similar to one she found in Europe.

    See the two brass plates inside. One says "Made Just For You - Marion and Erwin Longino". The bottom one says "Love Mother and Daddy 1977". My mom had a lathe and did all the turnings herself and she and my dad made a lot of my treasures. My mom died in l986 as a young person and this was the last thing she made me. Very treasured and precious.

    This is referred to as a Kitchen clock. They had pressed detail stamped into the wood. In an old Sears catalog they sold for about $1.50 in 1904. I bought this one when I lived in Oregon.

    This one is another Kitchen clock that was in my mother's collection. This is one I chose when she passed away.

    This clock actually has a pendelum that hangs from the bottom. I don't have it attached at the moment. It is a form of a Regulator clock. This was also my mothers.

    This has always been one of my favorite pictures. It has been hanging in my house for probably 40 years or more. Remember the old gold really elaborately scrolled and carved looking antique frames that you find and part of the fancy and elaborate detail is broken off. This is one of those. All the scroll work is plaster. I soaked it in the bathtub to soften the plaster, scraped it off and this beautiful wood was underneath. An antique dealer told me how to do it. Love this frame.

    At the end of the hall is this Regulator clock. I found this one in Oregon also.

    This is a School clock that came out of a demolished school in Los Angeles. My uncle rescued it when they were tearing down the school and refinished it. See all the buttons on the bottom. That's what they used to ring the bells for school to start, recess and time for school to be out.

    This is the clock that my mom and dad bought in Europe that she used as a pattern to make the one in the first picture. They made a similar design and style and I love it.

    This clock was also in my mothers collection. It is called a Mantel clock. Such ornate detail.

    See all the carving and the brass and marble. Gorgeous dial face.

    That's it. Thanks so much for stopping by. I always look forward to your visits.

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My Favorite Things Saturday

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